Southeastern AM Radio Club


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Carrollton, Georgia USA


2015 SAMRC Christmas Party

Group of AM operators fellowship during the annual SAMRC Christmas party.


Bob Gearhart, KM4HRE (recently licensed) on left listens to comments from old timers


Don Widener, N4UB, makes a point to Bill, K4EJS (left) and Dr. Ron, WB4GWA (right). Pictured on left
is Bill, K4EJS; Jimmy, KA4JGS; Lou, K4MNY;  Bill, N4WC, Sam, KF4TXQ and Randall, W4DEU.


Dr. Ron, WB4GWA and Bob Watson, KN4HH


Collin, N4TUA (red shirt) and Bob, KM4HRE


Tuesday SAMRC luncheon in Newnan, Georgia

Photo from a Tuesday SAMRC luncheon in Newnan, Georgia. Seated in the foreground on left is Jim Weston. K4COD, Bob Watson, KN4HH,
Sam Timberlake, KF4TXQ and Andy Howard, WA4KCY. Right from front to rear are Ron Johnson, WB4GWA,
Jimmy Dunn, KA4JGH, Lou Duncan, K4MNY, and Bill Cook, N4WC. Group meets the second and fourth Thursdays
at the Golden Corral on Bullsboro Drive in Newnan. E-mail for directions if you would like to attend.


Huntsville Hamfest 2015

Southeastern AM operators pose for a group photo at the 2015 Huntsville Hamfest


A relaxed pair of AM operators

Lou, K4MNY and Jimmy, KA4JGS at Prater's Mill


Samfest 2012

Some of the attendees at the Annual Tallassi Memorial Spring Tailgate held at KF4TXQ's farm in March 2011


Prater's Mill Hamfest 1999

Photo of some early members of the Southeastern AM Radio Club taken in September of 1999 at Prater's Mill


An early Prater's Mill photo showing from left to right: Hank Clark, W2IQ, Rex Johnson, K4JBJ, Jim Taylor W4PNM and Andy Howard, WA4KCY


Pictured from left to right is: Hal, WB4AEG, Frank, W4NOP, Jiimmy, KQ4S, Andy, WA4KCY, Bill, W4OWR, Casey, W4HYG and Bob, W4LQE


Jerrry Kidd, WA4JK, visits WA4KCY on October 10., 2015


The Southeastern AM Radio Club is an organization of amateur radio operators who seek to restore and
operate vintage equipment using the AM mode. AM operation can be found in many areas of the
amateur bands. One of the most frequented places is 3885 kilocycles in the 75 meter band. It is on
this frequency that the SAMRC operates a trade and fellowship net each Tuesday evening. Everyone
who operates AM is encouraged to check in beginning at 7:00 PM EDT. The net begins promptly
at 7:00 PM and continues until all check-ins have been heard. A ragchew follows the net. The
SAMRC is affiliated with the Concord Amateur Radio Society and also uses the W4AMI callsign.

Net Control Operators are Andy, WA4KCY and Sam, KF4TXQ


Video from 7160 kc. AM on 40 Meters
Courtesy of Paul Courson, WA3VJB

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AM Calling Frequencies on HF

1885 kc.
3885 kc.
7160 kc.
7290 kc.
14286 kc.
21400 kc. up
29000 to 29100 kc.

Joining the Southeastern AM Radio Club

If you would like to join the SAMRC we invite  you to send $2.00 to:

Andrew E. Howard, WA4KCY
133 Cartbody Road
Carrollton, Georgia 30116


By joining the Southeastern AM Radio Club you will receive a very nice
certificate suitable for framing and membership in the SAMRC internet reflector.
This will enable you to keep track of happenings in the club and also allow you to post
items for sale or trade. Very helpful in locating information and parts for vintage radio equipment.


Click on the link below to contact the SAMRC



Some of the members of SAMRC who attended the Annual Fall Meet in Tallassee, Alabama October 7, 2006. The event was held as the
Club celebrated its 200th. member and the seventh year since its founding in 1999.



Gates BC-250GY broadcast transmitter and Hallicrafters operating position. Audio console is a tube type Gates "Studioette". Mike is an RCA 77DX ribbon.



The SAMRC club station, WX4AM, is located in Clem, Georgia. The transmitters,
a Collins 20V3 and a Gates BC-250GY are remotely controlled from the above position.


A large bird roosting on top of my KLM tribander