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Sam Timberlake, KF4TXQ shown in the old WA4KCY radio shack


 Dr. Ron Johnson, WB4GWA riding the official SAMRC Cushman scooter


Warren Davis, AB4GE visits WA4KCY and operates the WBBQ broadcast transmitter


Jim Olson, W4JO with SX-115, HT-32B and a pair of SX-88's


Greg Carter, KX4R operating one of his fine AM stations


Tom Hand, W4WDS visits WA4KCY and tries on the station hat


Don Flenner, W4YCH shown with some of his beautiful vintage equipment


Walter Wilson, KK4DF and son Ben on a visit to WA4KCY


Tony Coalson, K4YTO operates the 32V-3 station at WA4KCY


L to R - John Vickers, WA4TT, Rex Johnson, K4JBJ and Harvey Mewborn, W4KBQ


Rusty Blackston, K4RMB on a visit to WA4KCY


Rob Lawson, W4RL shown in the old WA4KCY radio shack